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Site Clearance in York

site clearance in Gilling East.

This site clearance in York was being carried out for Ian Mosey Pigs Ltd. This is a large company that required the trees removing to carry on the expansion of their headquarters in Gilling East.

What should have been a relatively straightforward tree-felling job was complicated by heavy winds on the day. Added to that, most of the trees exhibited a heavy lean away from the intended felling direction, which meant a tractor and winch were needed.

This was more or less a day off from climbing for our team, although some of the heavier leaning trees did require a bit of work to set the winch cable higher up in the canopies. With the safety measures in place, everything went smoothly, with all trees hitting their intended targets ready to be dressed out and cleared from the site with the loader.

For all site clearance in York, contact DRL Tree Care for a free quotation. We have extensive experience in all aspects of site clearance, tree felling, and sectional dismantles, as well as the large equipment needed to make the process as efficient as possible.


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