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Large Beech Tree Removal in Leeds

large beech tree removal in leeds.

This large Beech tree removal in Leeds was carried out recently by DRL Tree Care. The tree was in a particularly awkward position overhanging a block of garages with quite fragile old roofs.

Unfortunately, no crane was available for this tree, which would have been particularly handy. However, we did have the next best thing in the form of a Unimog with hiab and timber grab. The tree was carefully rigged using blocks, slings, and lowering rope. Large pieces were lowered gently to a level that the hiab could reach, and then maneuver them clear of the garage block.

Using what you have to hand can often accomplish great things in tree work, and whilst a crane would have sped the job up, all in all it was a pretty efficient tree removal, with everything down and cleared off-site in the allotted time frame.

For more examples similar to this large Beech tree removal in Leeds be sure to check out our gallery page.


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